I fell in love with Deborah Kalin’s “Wages of Honey” when she submitted it to the novelette doubles series. I didn’t buy it for that because it was getting too hard to pair works for that. Instead, after I won my World Fantasy Award in San Diego, I asked her in the aftermath to write me this book. She said, “Yes! I can DO that!” And here it is. And it’s heartbreakingly beautiful.

We launched the first 2 volumes of the Twelve Planets – Nightsiders and Love and Romanpunk at Swancon 36.

At Swancon 40 in April, we will release the twelfth volume in this collection – Chery Crow Children by Deborah Kalin.

4 years in the making, 12 volumes of (mostly) 4 short stories, each by some of Australia’s finest short story writers, many now award winning.

Expect cake. Expect sheer joy at delivering this awesome ride of a project. Expect New Projects.

The bonus Thirteenth Planet will follow.