February Notes from the Publisher’s Laptop

January was a very busy month here for us as Twelfth Planet Press offices moved across country. That’s right, we’re now an east coast based press! We spent January desperately trying to cull possessions (we were not very successful), reduce the warehouse inventory of... read more
Announcing new novella “Icefall” by Stephanie Gunn

Announcing new novella “Icefall” by Stephanie Gunn

  We are so very excited to announce our acquisition of a new novella from Stephanie Gunn titled, Icefall. The Mountain on the planet of Icefall holds the mystery to a lost colony and an irresistible, fatal allure to the climbers of the universe. Maggie is... read more

Advance Notice: Novella Series

Advance notice that we will be open for novella submissions in September 2018 Why so much notice? We want new work written for us. And we want this call to to reach far and wide. We are looking to build a kickass series of novellas that defines and redefines the... read more

Notes from the Publisher’s Laptop

We’re starting a new regular column here at Twelfth Planet Press. Our first instalment is in the form of an interview with our publisher, Alisa Krasnostein. Q: How did you get into the local publishing scene? Alisa: During my postgrad years, a friend was beginning to... read more
Preorder Sharp Edge

Preorder Sharp Edge

Sharp Edge, Book 4 in Marianne Delacourt’s Tara Sharp series launches October 24! You can now preorder your copy here or on your favourite ebook seller... read more

Luminescent Threads on The Portalist

Alexandra Pierce, senior editor of Luminescent Threads, wrote an essay for The Portalist about the patterns around Octavia Butler. They’re also running a competition to win a copy of the book. Check it... read more

Defying Doomsday news

Recently, at the Continuum Convention in Melbourne, the Ditmar Awards were announced. The Ditmar Awards are awarded to Australian creators based on popular vote by the members of each year’s Australian National Convention (or NatCon). This year, Defying Doomsday won... read more
Mother of Invention hits $20k!

Mother of Invention hits $20k!

Thank you so much to all of our splendid backers. We’re delighted to have met our funding goal so quickly. WE’RE GONNA MAKE THIS BOOK! We even have gotten a lovely write up in Books+Publishing today! But there’s no sitting on laurels at the Twelfth... read more
Mother of Invention Kickstarter hits $12k mark!

Mother of Invention Kickstarter hits $12k mark!

Overnight the Kickstarter campaign for Mother of Invention surpassed the $12 000 mark. Tansy has some fab milestone robots she’s hanging out to use! It’s not late to back the campaign here, and bring on the robot revolution:... read more

Mother of Invention – Kickstarter Campaign kicks off!

Twelfth Planet Press launched a new anthology crowdfunding campaign today on Kickstarter, for Mother of Invention, edited by Tansy Rayner Roberts and Rivqa Rafael. Mother of Invention will be a speculative fiction anthology of diverse, challenging stories about gender... read more

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