TrucksongAn inventive, unique and fresh Australian post-apocalyptic novel.

Paul Wiemer writes a very positive of Trucksong on SF Signal:

“The world of Trucksong is amazingly inventive. The novel is written in a future Australian slang and dialect. The textual use of this reminds me of the phonetic language in Iain Banks’ Feersum Endjinn. With the broken post-apocalyptic world, with AI-dominated trucks that can be wrangled to bond with humans (complete with a drip of psychotropic drugs), the ruins of the Lie Bury, a culture of wandering survivors, a strange phantasmagorical figure called “The Crow”, and more, the novel feels like the aforementioned Banks novel, fused with Sean McMullen’s Greatwinter novels, and Michael Swanwick’s Darger and Surplus stories mixed in for good measure. The backdrop of AIs, possibly supernatural powers, and a hardscrabble life do not make for most grim post-apocalypse, but neither is it an easy world to live in. It feels more like Apocalypse World than Mad Max or A Boy and His Dog.”

And in reference to the accompanying soundtrack by Television Sky, Weimer says, “The music is an excellent compliment as one reads of Jon’s journey across the south of Australia in search of his lost love.”