We’ve sent Lisa L Hannett and Angela Slatter ‘s collection The Female Factory, Volume 11 of the Twelve Planets series, to the printer’s. In the meantime, here they are talking a bit about the book and the short story Vox.

I didn’t know they’d kvetched about it, but I had an inkling they might have. I love their SF stuff – Angela’s story in my first anthology 2012 is just beautiful. And whilst not SF’y as such, Lisa’s story in Sprawl is divine.

“We Skyped. We emailed. We kvetched about the collection in general. We talked space shuttles and other planets, what the value of an embryo might be in a distant future where procreation had become more and more difficult for the human race.”

But we are nothing if not professional ? not to mention astonishingly stubborn ? and we kept throwing ideas back and forth. We pulled away from stories of a far-flung future and brought things closer to home, a not too far distant Australia. Our initial notes read something like:

Badger birth woman

Baby-soul voices

Fish changing sex in different temperature waters

Orphans and body parts.

Those fragments were built into The Female Factory. The first story in the collection is ‘Vox’, in which “The souls of lost embryos are never quite gone, never wasted; captured in software, they give electronics their voice.”


Read the rest of this piece here: http://www.angelaslatter.com/the-female-factory-vox/