Thief of Lives by Lucy Sussex

ISBN 978-0-9808274-7-7
Cover design by Amanda Rainey
Electronic conversion by Charles Tan
Published October 2011



are certain
subjects so
difficult to talk
about? What
is justice?
Why do
think that
other people’s
lives are fair game?
And what do we really
know about the first chemist?
A story about history, women,
science (and also the demonic); a crime
story, based upon a true crime; a realist satire
of the supposedly sex-savvy; and a story exploring lies,
and the space between the real and the unreal. Welcome to
the worlds of Lucy Sussex, and to her many varied modes.

Pay attention to this woman! Turn these pages! Here
be monsters and mysteries and marvels.
– Karen Joy Fowler

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Karen Joy Fowler
  • Alchemy
  • Fountain of Justice
  • The Story of O
  • Thief of Lives



The four stories showcased here could not be more different, one from another, but collectively they constitute an excellent introduction to the talents of the incomparable Lucy Sussex. I can’t imagine the person who would read these and not want to read more. — Karen Joy Fowler

I loved her beautiful story about modern and ancient Babylon, “Alchemy” — Gwyneth Jones