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Nightsiders by Sue Isle

Paperback • 141pp • RRP AUS$18
ISBN 978-0-9808274-3-9

Twelve Planets Individual volumes

In a future world of extreme climate change, Perth, Western Australia’s capital city, has been abandoned. Most people were evacuated to the East by the late ’30s and organised infrastructure and services have gone.

A few thousand obstinate and independent souls cling to the city and to the southern towns. Living mostly by night to endure the fierce temperatures, they are creating a new culture in defiance of official expectations. A teenage girl stolen from her family as a child; a troupe of street actors who affect their new culture with memories of the old; a boy born into the wrong body; and a teacher who is pushed into the role of guide tell the story of The Nightside.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Marianne de Pierres
  • The Painted Girl
  • Nation of the Night
  • Paper Dragons
  • The Schoolteacher’s Tale

Nightsiders will be released in March 2011.

Paper Dragons was shortlisted for Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Short Story, 2010