Titania Mugs

Twelfth Planet Press is proud to announce its new children’s imprint, Titania.

Titania’s books will be aimed at children between the ages of three and thirteen.

We aim to capture readers from their earliest forays into the marvels of books, and take them through to their teenage years. We aim to reflect diversity of sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity and religion within larger stories that could take us to the ends of the universe and back. We aim to create readers.We plan to raise questions in their minds, provoke discussion and foster a community of young readers who will go on to challenge the status quo as they grow and develop. And who, as they read, will discover the magic in words, and the magic in the world.

The first project for Titania will be a children’s book by award-winning writer and scholar Nike Sulway.

To launch the imprint we’re selling Titania mugs, featuring a range of inspiring quotes, perfect for young activists, their parents and caregivers, and anyone who is passionate about the future of our children.

Our mugs are priced at $14.99 and ship for $9.95 each. We have a standard flat rate on the shipping for $9.95 for up to 4 mugs within Australia. For international sales, please contact us to quote shipping prices.

We have gift packs and hampers coming soon! 

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Later in the 2018, we will be running a Kickstarter campaign for our first project. Watch this space!