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Year’s Best YA Speculative Fiction 2013

ISBN 978-1-922101-27-3 (pbk)

ISBN 978-1-922101-28-0 (ebk)

Our goal is to uncover the best young adult short fiction of the year published in the anthologies dedicated to the form, the occasional special edition of a magazine, and individual pieces appearing in otherwise “adult” anthologies and magazines, and bring them together in one accessible collection. Read the rest of this entry »


Diverse YA Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories

edited by Alisa Krasnostein and Julia Rios

ISBN 978-1-922101-11-2

Cover by Amanda Rainey

Ebook conversion by Charles Tan

Published August 2014 (UK/US) and October 2014

(Please note these prices include local shipping estimates, refunds will be made where actual shipping costs less.)

Kaleidoscope collects fun, edgy, meditative, and hopeful YA science fiction and fantasy with diverse leads. These twenty original stories tell of scary futures, magical adventures, and the joys and heartbreaks of teenage life. Read the rest of this entry »

The Total Devotion Machine and Other Stories

ISBN 978-1-922101-21-1

Cover by Amanda Rainey

Ebook conversion by Charles Tan

Published November 2014

Published in 1989 by the Women’s Press, The Total Devotion Machine and Other Stories was Rosaleen Love’s second short story collection. The title story was later reprinted in Gerrand’s The Best Science Fiction Writing: A Fifty Year Collection. Aurealis Award winner, twice longlisted for the Tiptree Jr longlist and winner of the A Bertram Chandler Memorial Award for outstanding achievement in Australian SF, Love is one of Australia’s masters of SF short story writing. Read the rest of this entry »


ISBN 978-1-922101-17-4

Cover by Amanda Rainey

Published June 2014



Two sisters. One wish. Unimaginable consequences.

Not all fairytales are for children.

Antoinette and Jacqueline have little in common beyond a mutual antipathy for their paranoid, domineering mother, a bond which has united them since childhood. In the aftermath of a savage betrayal, Antoinette lands on her sister’s doorstep bearing a suitcase and a broken heart. But Jacqueline, the ambitious would-be manager of a trendy Melbourne art gallery, has her own problems – chasing down a delinquent painter in the sweltering heat of a Brisbane summer. Abandoned, armed with a bottle of vodka and her own grief-spun desires, Antoinette weaves a dark and desperate magic that can never, ever be undone. Read the rest of this entry »

Galactic Suburbia Scrapbook

Preorder a copy of our Galactic Suburbia Scrapbook, featuring some of the highlights of 4 years and 100 episodes of Alex, Alisa and Tansy speaking to you from the Galactic Suburbs! Read the rest of this entry »

Caution: Contains Small Parts

Volume 9, Twelve Planets

ISBN 978-1-922101-06-8

Cover design by Amanda Rainey

Ebook Conversion by Charles Tan

Published June 2013/ Ebook Released December 2013

Caution: Contains Small Parts is an intimate, unsettling collection from award-winning author Kirstyn McDermott.

A creepy wooden dog that refuses to play dead.
A gifted crisis counsellor and the mysterious, melancholy girl she cannot seem to reach.
A once-successful fantasy author whose life has become a horror story – now with added unicorns.
An isolated woman whose obsession with sex dolls takes a harrowing, unexpected turn. Read the rest of this entry »


ISBN 978-1-922101-04-4

Cover by Kenkichi Tai

Ebook conversion by Charles Tan

Published November 2013


In a post-apocalyptic Australian landscape dominated by free-wheeling cyborgs, a young man goes in search of his lost lover who has been kidnapped by a rogue AI truck – the Brumby King. Along the way, he teams with Sinnerman, an independent truck with its own reasons for hating the Brumby King. Before his final confrontation with the brumbies, he must learn more about the broken-down world and his own place in it, and face his worst fears.

Read the rest of this entry »




This Monday, August 24th, we celebrated Alice Sheldon’s 100th birthday and the launch of LETTERS TO TIPTREE at Stefen’s Books in Perth, Western Australia. The night kicked off at 6pm at Stefen’s Books where we talked all things LETTERS TO TIPTREE and... read more
Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads Giveaway

We’re running a Goodreads Giveaway for the Year’s Best Speculative YA 2013 – enter to win! Goodreads Book Giveaway Year’s Best Young Adult Speculative Fiction 2013 by Julia Rios Giveaway ends April 28, 2015. See the giveaway details at... read more
Defying Doomsday Crowdfunding Campaign on Pozible

Defying Doomsday Crowdfunding Campaign on Pozible

Disabled characters are rarely seen in apocalypse stories, but Defying Doomsday is an anthology set to explore the tales of those usually left for dead. We’re currently crowdfunding via a Pozible campaign, with the assistance of a Crowbar grant from Arts... read more
Cherry Crow Children Cover reveal

Cherry Crow Children Cover reveal

Today I approved the printer’s proofs for The Cherry Crow Children (Volume 12 in the Twelve Planets series), written by Deborah Kalin. I’m so very excited to see this final volume in the series be completed. Behold the beautiful cover by Amanda Rainey: The... read more

The Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction

Twelfth Planet Press is proud to support the 2015 The Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction. “This is a themed fiction competition, open to all ages and genders. Rachel Funari, the namesake of the competition, was the founding editor of Lip. Tragically, Rachel went... read more

Awards eligibility for our 2014 works

We’re often asked for the word counts for our stories for award eligibility. For our works first published in 2014, there are two novelettes in Kaleidoscope – “The Legend Trap” by Sean Williams and “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss and Tell” by E.... read more

Free ebook of The Female Factory with every preorder

To celebrate the forthcoming release of The Female Factory by the award winning duo Lisa L Hannett and Angela Slatter, we’re giving away the ebook version with every preorder of the paperback for the whole of December. Simply order your paperback copy here.... read more

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