2012Whilst cleaning out our storeroom to make way for our expected arrival later this year, we found a box of 2012: A Near Future Anthology, which we’d thought was all sold out!

Grab a copy of this first Twelfth Planet Press book for just $10 (plus postage) before they really are all sold out.

In 2007, eleven of Australia’s leading short story writers took a stab at what the year 2012 would be like. How well did they do?



  • “Watertight Lies” by Deborah Biancotti
  • “Fleshy” by Tansy Rayner Roberts
  • “Oh, Russia” by Simon Brown
  • “Soft Viscosity” by David Conyers
  • “Apocalypse Now” by Lucy Sussex
  • “The Last Word” by Dirk Flinthart
  • “Ghost Jail” by Kaaron Warren
  • “Love You Like Water” by Angela Slatter
  • “Skinsongs” by Martin Livings
  • “David Bowie” by Ben Peek
  • “Oblivion” by Sean McMullen