Speech from the Twelfth Planet Press Cocktail Hour, Swancon 2014

Tonight is a celebration for the two thirds point in the Twelve Planets series. And aren’t I glad that we pulled back from the intent to release 1 volume a month for a whole year! This project has been quite a ride. It was conceived way back in 2009 when we were having many discussions on the male dominance of awards shortlists and whether this related to how much new fiction by women was or was not being published. Jonathan said to me, well, if you really believe in Australian female writers, why don’t you publish a whole lot of it in one go and see what happens. If you don’t think there are enough women being collected, why don’t you release a collection a month? This is when I realized I needed to stop drinking so much when I hung out with him.


And so the Twelve Planets project was born. And I think we’ve all seen what happened. A PhD was required to properly assess the result. In any case, to date, the first 9 volumes collectively have received

–       14 Aurealis Award nominations and 4 wins

–       11 Ditmar nominations and 3 wins

–       a Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award

–       a World Fantasy Award nomination

–       2 Shirley Jackson Award nominations and 1 win

–       2 15th placings and 1 7th placing in the Locus Awards

–       5 Australian Shadows Award shortlistings and 2 wins

–       1 Tiptree Award longlisting

–       and 1 ACT Writers and Publishers Award


For a couple of years now, I’ve been thinking about how you finish off this kind of a project, something that feels like the whole will tell a story independent of its parts. A project that’s been such a large part of my life for some time now. A project which has been filled with the most amazingly talented writers.


I’ve also been looking for a way to thank the Twelve Planets subscribers, the supporters of Twelfth Planet Press who give more than they can ever imagine to both me and all our writers.

And so, OBVIOUSLY, if you’re me, the answer is OF COURSE a Thirteenth Planet!


I’m so delighted to announce that Isobelle Carmody will pen the final, thirteenth volume, titled The Moth Cycle, to send off the Twelve Planets series with a bang.


As a thank you, we’re giving Isobelle’s volume to all subscribers for free in ebook format and at a special subscribers price in print format. Swancon members can also preorder this volume at this special price over this weekend.


I’d like to thank Amanda Rainey and Helen Merrick for their vital roles in the production of each volume of this series. And Terri who always thinks big and pulls it off with flair. Thanks also to Tamara and Chris for their help and hard work.