Kaaron-SpinteredWalls-01The City of Rockingham is happy to announce that registrations are now open for the latest City of Rockingham writers workshop, with award-winning NSW author Kaaron Warren. Kaaron is the author of the collection ‘Through Splintered Walls’, which forms the basis of the ‘Through Splintered Walls’ paper art workshops and community art exhibition which many of you have attended and to which you are contributing. She is jetting in from NSW to attend the exhibition opening and has kindly agreed to conduct a three hour writing workshop at the Rockingham Art Centre, Kent Street, from 10am-1pm, Saturday 4 May, on the subject of ‘Writing Landscape’.


She says: “Setting, character and plot are the three vital elements to any story. This workshop will focus on the importance of the landscape in establishing your setting, and how to use where you live and what you see to build believable, layered worlds that will help inform both your character and your plot.”


Kaaron Warren has lived in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Fiji. She is the author of 3 novels (the multi-award-winning ‘Slights’, ‘Walking the Tree’ and ‘Mistification’) and 4 short story collections. Two of her collections have won the ACT Publishers’ and Writers’ Award for fiction, and her most recent collection, ‘Through Splintered Walls’, won a Canberra Critic’s Circle Award for Fiction and is shortlisted for 9 Australian SF awards.  She was shortlisted for a Bram Stoker Award for “All You Can Do is Breathe”, and is Special Guest at the Australian National Science Fiction Convention in Canberra 2013. You can find her at http://kaaronwarren.wordpress.com  and she Tweets @KaaronWarren


To register, contact Lee Battersby, Coordinator Cultural Development & the Arts, on 9528 0386 or lee.battersby@rockingham.wa.gov.au